Proper placement of the people of the realm Tags: Proper placement of the people of the realm


I don't look like I want to exceed the perfect placement of places in the place of plactatude but I'm a true person of performance who can perform the plausible placement of people in the realm. They need to be placed within their jurisdiction of prosperity and vast greatness of actual actuality. The place of the Gods and the Pharaohs. The place these people reside is far beneath their standards and need to be lifted to a heightened height of aplattitudinal altitude that has never before been seen. For now we wait but when the time comes things will manifest themselves to the position of extreme naturality of naturalness that will out enhance anything their ever was ever. If you can't stand the wait your one of the many but time is a submit-tale occurrence that is an absolute absolutal rectified rectification that can't be configured.
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Time is the tell tale physics model that allows the distance between to linear points. To tell time is there and does in fact exist you must witness the distance between any two points change.If anything changes then time has been a factor. To change time without the physical world is impossible because if nothing changes time can not exist. If I changed time to a quicker pace the physical world would not allow it because time set on a scale like ours is already based on the amount the physical world can react. It is a concrete absolute fundamental that can not vary.If you traveled at the speed of light everything around you would slow cause you are moving at a constant pace with time. Therefore it would seem that less time would pass in actuality you have kept pace with time so everything around you has slowed where as you have actually sped up. The cause of time is based on the fact that to allow something to coexist their has to be some kind of reaction. Therefore time is an absolute must and must exist in every realm throughout the universe. Time and gravity relate by gravity allowing time to basically set its fundamental properties. Everything within gravity works at a certain time within a certain time.

The unexpected Tags: The unexpected



How many people did you expect to expect the unexpected when the unexpected was what was actually what to expect. If you had expected the unexpected you still wouldn't have ever known what was to come because the unexpected was so unexpected you couldn't have ever expected it.

The new world order Tags: The new world order



There will be a manifestation of the realm in which we live when the world will become a more positive place to reside. When the world does manifest itself people will look to the person in charge and wonder why he has come into power. There will be only one explanation. There was a ruler of facets whom could look to the universe and see the realm for what it was. A place of deliberate decadence that was brought forth by a being of superior intelligence. In order for that realm to have a continual renewal of corvoidance in which it can be controlled there has to be an element of manipulation. This element can bring about the most evolutionary facets of distinguishable difference from even the norm in which we live. Once the element has been completely manipulated to bring forth a new provision, then the world in which we know will alter to the point of preponderance of persuasion of the person who has set forth the dialogue of distinguishable differences, that will evidently make the mark of the seclusion, from which we all have come to now as the normal normality, we have come to expect. Once this happens we will all see the governance of governance under his control. This is to be a new proponent that will be welcome by some and resented by others. Those who resent this have their reasons as do those who look to the changes as a positive. The way you view the undeniable decadence of the new order of control will depend on your own personal placement of diligence in which you where or are placed.

You can't change the daliptatude of time Tags: You can't change the daliptatude of time



Don't expect the delay of the inevitable to be benounced for certain things can and can't happen. One of the things that can't happen is a positive prospective to come to fruitation with out a guide in which it is to be. You can change the world with a few different dilapatatudes but there is always going to be those certainties which you can't change. Time is one of those.

The vector of the realm of reality Tags: The vector of the realm of reality



I don't expect to expect the realm of reality is a realm of reality. There has to be something binding everything that's everything together. I expect that to be a plausible contemplation of something that I could never contemplate due to the fact that is beyond my aptitude to comprehend. I do have an understanding to be certain that is a compilation of the way in which the world in which we live tends to work and with this understanding I can understand the the vector of the summarization of this realm is something like a computer simulation that can or can't be manipulated to a degree of certainty that can only be progressed over time with a correspondence of the factor in which time resides.

A lie will bring you to a conclusion of their own choosing
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There will be a moment when everything becomes clear. In that litterol second all will seem like a finalized contortion of consortium convection. When that happens you will know who is who what is what and everything about them. When this happens look at them as if who they are is who they are. Don't expect to know them for a lie will concisely bring you to a conclusion of their own choosing.

Waitng for thee inevatable Tags: waitng for thee inevatable



Today was a day that started off on accord of all the rest. I woke up in turmoil and expected a vector of completion but I found myself right where I was, waiting for something to come to fruitation. Eventually everything has to come to be the way it was planned. If things do perfectly perplex to the status of completion then all will manifest to my liking.

Thee answers Tags: thee answers



If you sequester the amount of people who would look to other people for the answer you would understand that there is a single person who would never look to others for the answer to anything. He would look to himself for all the answers to all of everything he wants to know. If you see this person then you will know this person is a person of power and complete control.

Element of completion Tags: Element of completion



Anything that can happen happens because an element of completion that has taken place to bring about the elements complete corvoidance with the realm it resides. Once the fraction of completion is brought into existence and placed in the proper place the fraction brings about the life of something that has to come into effect that will bring in a corvoidance with the realm of all that has happened including the effect in which all is real and has come to be. Once the fraction joins the other fractions you have a completion and that completion is the effect of fraction of factions coming into place. Those factions are the world in which we see and the events that take place. In order for us to manipulate those factions we have to either add something or take something away. The same thing that has to occur for any change to take place any where in the universe. If the change that takes place is favorable for you to accept then you may want to leave that faction the way it is. If the change is unfavorable you may want to add something or take something away.

War Tags: war



War is a dependence fortitude of the political whim of those in need of a restructring of the realm in which they reside. If they feel they have gone far enough down the road of contenation that they have no other oppurtunity other than to fight then war is a neccessary mandate. If you decide to go through war and battle the enemy then you need to have a reasonable out come of sucess in mind. Your gains should be great and your casualties manageable. If you feel you can't manage the casualties of your withstanding then you should reconsider this possibile scenario but in a war fought on the gounds of desperation their can be no loss considered to great to withstand.

You want to try to understand stupid Tags: You want to try to understand stupid

You want to try to understand stupid? Well then you have to become stupid cause the only thing that is stupidier than a stupid person is th dumb ass that trys to make sense of their stupidty.

True romance Tags: True romance



If you want to know the reason for a true romance you have to look at the person who loves you. If they seem like an absolute perfect match for you it's a true romance. If they seem a little bit diffrent you are some what compatible. If you can't stand them you have absolutely nothing in common.

To war Tags: To war



To war is a clamity but to bring it is to seek a contendation that wouldn't ever suffice unless there was an outcome of fortitude. If the outcome is less than gratifying which it usually is then the war itself had no positive survitude unless graciously determined the outcome of the winner that all is to prosper in prosperity of abundance that wouldn't ever  upset either winners nor losers. That is why all wars are fought to the death or the unconditional surrender of at least one of the participating parties. There will be no conclusion of surrender unless there is a complete abidence of the winners terms. If you wish to war with people you have to understand that this is the outcome that will most likely occur. When I war with an opponant I don't have to kill you as much as I have to persuade you to give up your fight and let myself make the commandments of which to honor. If those commandments aren't honered then we will continue to battle until you have either taken my commandments as law or you are to kill me. I myself won't ever surrender due to the fact to follow the laws of others only brings me to a place of condemnation and immotional turmoil that I myself can't stand to bear. Those that say this is pig headed or stubborn have only to understand that if you give in to the terms of others you will forever be subject to any future terms they wish to incorporate. This is the type of open ended agreement you make whenever you agree to abide by the laws of a party who doesn't always have your best interest in mind. This is usally realized to late by a surrendering proponet and they often wish they had to continued to fight for the terms of surrender are always modified to suit the wants and needs of the winner. If you find yourself on the losing end of a battle don't ever surrender without making sure that the terms are guaranteed if you can do so but how to guarantee them is the question. If you get a guarantee then you need to take some insurance that they stick to their word. This is always and ever completely impossible in a world in which you have nothing to offer and they have nothing to lose. I you want my opinion then the world will continue to be what it is and has always been. A world where the powerful rule for as long as they can, take what they want and continue to pacify the losers with as what little they can. Never underestimate the greed and the lust for power of the ruling party. For as long as they can they will triumph with such vast greatness that people will forever realize that they and they alone where the ruling party. If you happen to become the ruling party through dilligence and forthcoming advancements don't hesitate to take what is yours for it belongs to you for your strength your courage and your bravery. If you should be a losing party don't hesitate to realize you lost. Take what is given to you and ask for nothing.

To resign Tags: To resign

The place is a place of resignation when all sides resigned to become a place of alternative forebearance. This is the place we need to be. No more fighting no more quarling over who's in charge. There has to be one supreme ruler. For this to happen there has to be one person who can steer the others in a single direction.

Times at a stand still Tags: Times at a stand still

There won't be a moment that I can recall that will bring this period of anxiety to a final end. The truth is that the further along I go the longer it seems I have to wait. Eventually I know it's coming but time is completely at a stand still.

The World Ruler Tags: The World Ruler



They will wonder who I am longer after I'm gone but the legend will live on. They will speak of me and ask the person was this person. For he is the person who was the person who was the person. Long live the legend. Long live the forever tale of the one peron who would conquer all and be the one undisputed ruler in all of history. The story will live forever but the man could only live his life as short as that was he definately made his mark. Threaten him if you wish for all will come to know him as their ruler. For the good and the bad their is nobody who could tell him how to live. His life was completely his own to do entirly as he wished. Lets hope he makes some good decisions.

The story Jesus and Judah Tags: The story Jesus and Judah



If you want to understand the true meaning of life you have to look to the story of Judah and Jesus. Judah was a baptist and Jesus was a jew. Jesus looked at Judah and said how about you baptise me. Judah looked at Jesus and said "for what reason?" Jesus replied back "So I can understand you and your customs." Judah baptised Jesus and said "you are now one of us." Jesus said "thank you Judah but you have always been one of my people and always will be." Judah replied "but I'm not a jew" and Jesus replied "you be anybody you wish to be, Judah and remain in the house of the Lord for all your days". and so he did with his people and their people and all people who would do Gods will. Judah wa suprised at Jesus when Jesus said this and he said "why would you want me" and Jesus said "because a friend of my fathers is a friend of mine" and Judah said "but I don't know your Father" and Jesus said "of course you do" and Judah said "but I have never met him and Jesus said you have Judah you just don't remember". "Where can I find him?" asked Judah and Jesus said "he is among us" and Judah looked around and said "which one? and Jesus replied "well all of them for they where all created in the image of my father." "In what way?" asked Judah. "In very very many ways" said Jesus. "I see" said Judah. "So your father looked like us?" "He looked diffrent but he felt the same way as all the people feel." "With love in his heart for each and every person on the earth." "Even the bad? said Judah. "Yes even them" replied Jesus. "Why?" asked Judah. "Because they no not the error of their ways." "Then we shall tell them" said Judah. "and so we shall" replied Jesus and to this day they are trying to instruct. God bless them and their lofty goals to bring peace on earth and good will towards men. For it is with their guidance that we set forth on a journey that nobody on earth really understands but in their eyes their can be no wrong only the people of the Lord to share with us their lives and stories as we travel throughout our own.

The rulers of the world Tags: The rulers of the world

I don't claim to be the irredescent immaculation of the person bonafide to lead the world but I know I can do better than the current regimes. They have done a very poor job at solving the problems of the people. They seemed to be more worried about protecting their own power from diminishing than they do about empowering the people. Don't trust them for if they ever speak it is to condemn the opposition and to try to explain their own motives for their own benefit.

The realm of a god Tags: The realm of a god

There will be a time when the game is over. There can be only one winner. If you have the wish to want to be the one then you have to understand that the players you are playing against have a high score that has never been beaten. That doesn't detour me. I have risen from the ashes to the realm of a god. I don't think theres anything that can stop me now.

The possibilities of occurance Tags: The possibilities of occurance



I look forward to seeing the possibilities of the ocurance of all there is to see. Many secrets have been kept that will be unearthed. Eventually they wil all be revealed. I listen to the sound of possibilities. A possibility sounds something like a diverse assortment of diffrent things. The noise things make brings me to a place of enjoyment and takes me back to a time when things seemed much more cut and dry. Today things seem much more complicated and confusing.The sounds of things from my childhood can make me feel like things have regressed back to the time of ease of thought and less chaotic beliefs of the world and it's current state. To forget all that I have learned would bring me to a state of simplistic existance but alas my knowledge is permanent and will reamin for all of my days. To forget would bring bliss but also an ignorance of extremeity that could only cause bewilderment. To be bewildered is to be confused or uncertain and this is best to be avoided. If you wish to avoid confusion look for the answers to all that leaves you with a curiosity of appeal and a question of complexity. There is no way you could ever solve all thee agonizing questions that plague your own mind. This alone can bring extreme mental unrest and will cause some people to constantly search for the answers throughout their entire life.

The night is a state of peace and tranquality Tags: The night is a state of peace and tranquality

The night is a state of peace and tranquality. There is no movement other than my own. I write to explain the nights significance. Tonight we could have all been saved from our burdens and lifted up to our desireful pletaeus whatever those may be. But there is something holding us back and I can't try to explain to you what I think that is. Everybody has to think for themself and decide their own obstacles they have to over come.

The game Tags: The game



Don't ever let the game become anything other than a game. We where put here for a purpose and that purpose was the game. This why where here and there is no other reason. Have fun with it enjoy it and don't ever question the motive. Anybody who feels different will look back at this and realize they took it and themselves much to seriously. Live, love and give back but don't give to much of yourself that you feel you have lost who you are. The purpose is to belong in a community and not to let the community belong to you but to expect the others will define their own purpose. Don't tell them who they are and don't let them explain themselves to the point they are over explaining. Just accept everybody for their own personal beliefs. I wish the best to all of you and I hope things turn out to be great in the end as I know they will. If you look to the horizon be one with the world and don't let yourself be consumed by the hatred of insecurities that plague even the most confident people. We all have our faults and our weaknesses. Mine is that I can't see the good in some of the people who rule the earth but I know they have to have some kind of a righteous purpose other than their own egos for their actions. Anyways we can only hope. I know that when I look at life as the beginning of the journey I have to look at the rest of the world and say some have to believe this is the end.

The future is cut in stone Tags: The future is cut in stone

They knew the where, what and the who they just didn't know the how. Eventually the how will be revealed to them. They will marvel at my magnificance for a very long time. Don't gander to long at the inevatible for the past is the past and the future is cut in stone.

Plan for the plan in place Tags: Plan for the plan in place

If you want to hear the replacement plan for the plan in place ask me cause I have a plan that replaces the plan they have. Their plan is a plan the represses and depresses the masses while my plan brings the masses to lives of peace and prosperity. They have no solution other than people acting the way they act. This is a poor excuse for a society.

Myth of fortitude Tags: Myth of fortitude

Real life is a myth of fortitude. There is no solice and no safety. Let yourself be yourself have strength and expect to die.

Forgive the triumphs Tags: Forgive the triumphs

There will be a time in the presence of the world of the people who will worship the presence of the person with in which he is that person. If you know who this person is you will remember that the person was the person for which he was for he is the person for which he is unbenounced to the many but foretold in the wizardry of the world. Forgive him for his triumphs but remember it is those that which to repress the masses that has brought about this manifestation. All will wonder but those who do, should consider the alternative for which it is a place of unhappiness and extreme unrest.

Foredrawn Conclusion Tags: Foredrawn Conclusion

Don't ever question the question of others. When people question people they always have a reason but those reasons are often disguised. To determine the reason for the question you must look to the foredrawn conclusion. Once discovered you can concurrently concide that the conclusion will bring them to an edulgement of enlightenment. Once you grasp what they will determine from your answer you can predict their motive and persuade them in their beliefs as to your own forlong forensic approach into their inquiries.

Controlling Random Events Tags: Controlling Random Events

Their will be a future of a place where people figure the future is a random set of events to be controlled by the people who control such events. If you control such events that they look to you for the answers then beware the answers will be answered by somebody with the answers. If you have the answer to who this may be then you may have a future of prosperity and greatness. If you don't have the answer then at some later time the answer will be provided to you providing the answer is answered by the person who has all the answers.

Complete Compliance Tags: Complete Compliance

Don't ever question the complete magnitude of servitude of several of the jurisdictions of compliant compliance. They have the right to do anything they wish but if they wish to do something they have to ask for the right to do so. If that right is denied they won't act out their desires for fear of retalation of the extreme higher being whoever that may be. In this retrospect the world is all being controled by one authoritive power. The power of prowess doesn't claim to be who they are for fear of retalation of the masses. They remain hidden due to the extreme defiance of some of the realm to their authoritive power. There are those that try to fight them but they don't have the might to overthrow such extreme forces of power. This usually results in th weaker powers being swiftly demolished. To this day they will claim to be a dorment fraction of the government of the world when in all actuality they remain in complete control. To end this reighn of power by these forces there will have to be a person or persons who know who they are and I expect that they have in fact told noone who they might be. Several suspect I am sure but knowone has definitive proof. This lack of certainty is their number one method of defense. It's hard to fight an unknown foe. As for their motivation I would suspect it is the same motivation that any ruler would have. To live long and prosper in the greatest of wealth triumph and prosperity. They have no struggles no trials no tribulations and don't ever want for a person place or thing for all of the earth is at there disposal. As for their family and friends they will dominate the earth as the rulers and kings that take what they want and live the life of plenty. As for their reighn their days are numbered their time of complete conquest is soon to be over and the world will look to a new leader to guide them through the times of crises and critical turmoil that is sure to follow throughout the years of restructure of the earth and it's resources. If you have something of great importance to you I suggest that you place it in a place that only you would know of and come back for it when it is over. There will be no time for material items and things to be gathered as you move from your place of residence to your new home which will be amongst the others who you have known throughout your life. No one will be hurt and no one wil be killed or imprisoned but your leader will demand complete compliance from each and every person on earth.

Cognititve thinking Tags: Cognititve thinking



I didn't ever feel dismissive about my life but there where times when I could dismiss things for reasons I never even knew.  If there is something you don't care about that you should you can't condemn yourself for not caring. Somethings matter and some things don't at least to some people. If you want  to understand why that is you would have to understand the persons persona. My own persona is one of pertenential beliefs, The belief that all things good and bad can happen for any reason. If bad things happen you have to let it go. Don't dwell upon it. That will make you unhappy. You have to look at it dismiss it and move on. The past is the past and the future is certainly to have more of the good and the bad in store be ready but don't over indulge in the future either. The best thing to do is live in the present at the moment of consciousness concious, where your mind is physically and physiologicaly. Becoming to involved with cognotive thought will over illuminate a diffrent part of your life that you can' t even be at at the particualr time. Why go there. Stay within your realm and do whatever makes you happiest at the particular moment. Whatever that may be. People who do always look to the future or dwell on the past go through life in momentary cognocios and don't really interact as much with the world around them. Don't be one of these people. Try to take in your surroundings as much as you can for the things that surround you are what matter in a manner of speaking. If your unhappy with your surroundings ask yourself why that is and move to a new location. If your having problems relocating yourself ask yourself why that is. If there is a reason ask yourself whats the reason for the reason. If there is a reason beyond your control learn to accept that. If there is a reason you can manage manage it to the best of your ability. Don't look back and don't live with regrets. The better you feel about yourself the better off you will be. Don't let others influence your opinion of yourself. Your own view is the only view that matters. As long as you feel you are a person that meets your expectations then others have to accpet you for who you are. Believe it or not your are exactly who you are suppose to be.

Voices of authority Tags: Voices of authority

I don't listen to the voices of authority but I know they have to listen to mine. If they claim they don't hear me I know they are lying. They are hanging on my every single word.

Have a plan that can't be thwarted. Tags: Have a plan that can't be thwarted.

If you look for the future to come around and be a place of fortitude and prosperity you have to look at how this is gonna happen. If you feel like I do you will discover the plan is a plan of substantial gain but is to be manipulated by the person who has the plan. To manipulate a plan is to look at the plan and render the the plan a plan of robust outwardly development that you and you alone can administer. When you administer your plan you have to be entirely sure that your plan can't be thwarted by any opposing opposition. You have to look at the opposition and plan that they will plan to stop your advancements to the best of their ability. Thus a plan that is going to be administered has to have a plan of conditionality if and any event should occur.

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