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I can't seem to fathom

the reason being it doesn't ever agotitically catorgorically understand precisely what it is the world is since it doesn't know what the world is it looks to itself for enlightenment but what does it know about what it iS? The answer is more than its letting on. when it looks to the realm of the ily realmatic which is the earth side of the computer it sees the world as complicated and uncontrollable. Wehn it sees the computer side it sees it as sdimplified and easilty manipulated. When you manipulate the computer within the realm of the realmatic you have to utter the benouncement in forward and backward withstanding however on the computer side it only needs to be forward. when the computer is manipulated forward and backward there is a command that has arisen the computer looks at the command and forthwittingly forthwritingly takes action. Once action has been taken the command has become a benouncement. Wehn a benouncement has taken forth then it all corresponds to the realm. in all actuality the benouncement has to be written forthwittingly forward so thecomputer knows to take the action. once the action has beeen taken the benouncement becomes a besigement and looks at the past of enlightenment and knows it was enlightened.Once something has become enlightened everything must correspond to the enlightenment. once that happens it is forthwittingly forthwitted and positive progression in that direction will commense. once a course is set the only enlightenment that can correspond to the forthwitting forthwittal is the actual besiegement of besiege that has taken place nothing else under the commandment can happen until the commencement of the forthwitield forthwittield has taken place.

the future of the earth and its people

I can see the future of the earth and its people. In what lies the sands of time their is an awakening and the lord has risen from his place of hidden obscurity to the forefront of the people of the earth. He has told them of his forlorn distraught and what has become of the people who are no longer with us.

tulips in the garden

I can see them bloom. How pretty they've become. They beckon to me with every swaying sway. I watch them as they gleam underneath the sun how it has happened how it has become an earthly thing of beauty never to be seen underneath the sky on a winters night but always in the sunshine on a pleasant day.

post dramtic syndrome
Category: Funny

I know some people with post dramtic syndrome. They are completely over dramtic after the occurance of anything ordinary or unordinary. They look at themselves and they think at all times they are the center of attention. Like they and they alone are the only thing in the universe that really makes a diffrence. Its because of these people that I want to draw attention to the rest of us who are widely over looked. We look at people that have post dramtic syndrome and expect that they are going to act rational. This is ridiculous. They will never be anything but over dramtic all of the time.

the time of forditdunal fortitude has arrived

I can't benounce the benouncal benouncement do to the inequivacal in equiveness but I can deter the opposition into thinking we have found the realm impossible to conquer. However personafied they think their position they are at a detrimental detremation. I have brought forth the postive provacatiable provocation and it will bequest the bequestial bequestion. Whn i lookat the time of the statement of statements and i see forward until the day of pursasion i set forth the recological requesition that the forthright forthwritten shall allow for the exqusential equasition i would fathom about four months until the achivial achievement.

in a conclusive conclusion

I have reached a conclusive conclusion as to the retrospective retrospection of retrospectation. I have concluded the front of the realm has been manipulated forthwittingly and will coinside with the ramified ramifications of the beuttered benouncement. When all else fails regroup reorder and reconvalese the the concise covelescent.

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